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Our goal at Bethel Assisted Living is to create a warm family atmosphere where our residents feel loved and safe. They will receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they deserved. We want them to feel like they are in the comfort of their home. We want them to feel safe.

At Bethel Assisted living we will provide cost effective, compassionate, and personalized care to each one of our residents. We will treat each resident with dignity and respect, and respect each resident’s individuality. We will allow each resident with the choice of care and lifestyle; and provide each resident his/her right to privacy. 

We involve each family, guardian, or MCO in planning their care planning process and implementing it for the security and well-being of our residents. Personalized and individualized care plans are developed for each resident at Bethel Assisted living by the Administrator and Nurse. Personal Services we provide are medication assistance and pharmacy services. We also provide help with bathing, dressing, grooming and personal hygiene. Our staff is there to help every resident. Housekeeping Services and laundry services are provided to all residents. 

Our Activity Director will personalize an exercise program and assist with activities for our residents. We have an exercise bike available if residents wish to use it. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • We have multiple availability for an outside physical therapy and OCC therapist to come and help residents with more needs if necessary.
  • We also have a massage therapist that can come and help as requested.
  • We have spiritual care available to residents who may wish to participate. Residents may also wish to have their pastor come to visit. We have clergy visits and spiritual counseling available.
  • We also have hospice agencies to make house calls.
  • We have also had families bring in their pets for residents to interact with our residents.
  • Residents can also join our in-house MD service.

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